15 January 2008

Dinner with Darwin

A charming piece here. Charles Darwin is your dinner guest, dinner table conversation is inevitably interesting, and like all good wise men and women visiting prophets of enlightenment, gifts are brought. A selection of scientific dinner guests were asked:

What would you ask him?
What would you bring him?
How would you describe the evening?
What book would you bring him?
What film would you show him?
What would he think of the fact that his ideas and personality are under attack from Intelligent Design and creationism?

I'm reluctant to start memes and foist work on already busy bloggers, but if anyone feels moved to answer (mine are here), I'll post the links here.


Arjay said...

Ah, but this one doen't count as work does it? Thanks Peter... mine are on http://protectingourplanet.blogspot.com/
as "Delightful - Dinner with Darwin". Now of to reflect on which "8 gramaphone records" might I choose for the evening....

Propter Doc said...

This isn't really a proper meme when it is so interesting!


DEH said...

My answers here:


I found this off of Dispersal of Darwin.

Michael D. Barton, FCD said...

Here are my rather belated suggestions: