29 January 2008


A round up of bloggers who have linked to us in the last few days. If you have blogrolled the Beagle Project, especially after the last few days linking and blogging frenzy (thank you hydra-headed Scienceblogs) and don't appear in the blogroll please let us know.

Podblack Blog. Science, literature and inquiry.

M/V Kathrine Jane. Remarkable liveaboard lady with two aboard herself.

Endless forms most beautiful. This is the class blog for AP Biology at Appleton East High School in Appleton, WI.

Reduce to common sense. Simple rules, says Rana Bannerjee, can build complex systems.

Evolving with Darwin. A recently started blog with all the right ideas, go and show him the love.

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podblack said...

Thank you! Hope you like my most recent post, about the insidious nature of creationism getting into education forums like community colleges. After seeing final year high school study guides being created by an openly pro-ID publishing company, nothing really surprises me though. Here's to investigative blogging!