6 December 2007

Original Darwin documents lost in fire

Darwin fans, brace yourselves.

The Santiago Times reported yesterday:
Valdivia’s Universidad Austral, one of Chile’s oldest higher education institutions, revealed that Monday’s fire (ST, Dec. 4) destroyed research materials, infrastructure and equipment worth 4.2 billion pesos (US$8.3 million). Among the documents lost are original research by Charles Darwin and German-Chilean paleontologist and zoologist Rudolph Amandus Philippi.

“This is a gigantic loss that goes far beyond infrastructural damage,” said University president Víctor Cubillos. “What is much more serious is the loss of the personal efforts, all the investigations, all the projects and all the original research material that the university had.”

All Headline News also reported on the fire, adding 'Original research materials of Charles Darwin on the theory of evolution were among the documents lost...'.

It brings to mind the recent near-miss at the National Library of Scotland.

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