13 November 2007

Darwin 2009 events...

The Beagle Project's mass outing to London included a workshop with the British Council to 'scope' their Darwin bicentenary activities for 2009.

Following this, a couple of projects asked for some link love: Miranda Gomperts at Cambridge University (Darwin was an 'indifferent' student there) asks for a plug for their Darwin 2009 festival. Miranda is a former square rigger sailor turned research scientist turned conference organiser and it looks like she's putting together a good one. Cambridge are also honouring their indifferent student with a new statue. (Link fixed, thanks Michael.)

Jonathan Silvertown from the Open University highlights the Open Learn site, a free source of learning materials and Evolution Megalab, which this year is looking for mass participation in a project to investigate the evolution of snail shell patterns.

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Michael Barton, FCD said...

The link for the 2009 Darwin festival leads nowhere.... it should be this: http://www.darwin2009.cam.ac.uk/. Yours has "festival" in the url which doesn't need to be there...