6 October 2007

Update on the EO/Attenborough censorship story

Apparently the BBC's Mark Macdonald (whom I have been, until now, encouraging people to email directly with their complaints about Dutch broadcaster EO's religiously motivated censorship of David Attenborough's Life of Mammals) is "just" a press officer and his role is to release quotes on behalf of BBC executives. It is not appropriate for these quotes to be personally attributed to him. The correct attribution is apparently the strangely named but amazingly omnipresent personage Mr BBC Spokesman. Please stop emailing Mark Macdonald directly and instead use the BBC complaints page.


Gerdien de Jong said...

"Right, the Beeb would like us to stop emailing Mark Macdonald directly."
From: Pharyngula.
Can I read from this that people have been emailing him? Mark MacDonald is the person Dutch and Belgian newspapers phone when they want a BBC comment, so quite likely he is just a spokesman whose job it is to bounce questions

nunatak said...

Yes, people have been emailing him directly, and not all of the emails have been polite. As you can see I am trying to put a stop to this for exactly the reason you mention here.

The reason for my original post suggesting that people email him directly was that I saw that your YouTube videos attributed the quotes directly to him.

In addition to the updates and changes I've made here to try and correct this, I'm sure he would like you also to change the attribution in your video from "Mark Macdonald" to "BBC Spokesman" if possible, but I will leave that to you and him to work out.