17 October 2007

Taiwan TiddlywinkTM

The locations of Beagle Project Blog readers in Asia:
It seems that my unbridled propagandizing for The Beagle Project at the 2nd Intl. Barcode of Life Conference in Taipei has had the desired effect, for in the immediate aftermath* of the conference, a beautiful, bright-red TiddlywinkTM appeared for the first time over Taiwan on our ClustrMapTM.

A ClustrMap is a wonderful thing. It records the geographical locations of our Beagle blog readers' IP addresses (yes, you!). Our ClustrMap sits quietly down there on the right, in the sidebar (or here, for those too lazy to scroll) giving us constant feedback about new geographically defined bursts of interest in the Beagle Project. It also provides for hours of procrastination if one is so inclined (you know who you are).

*If you were in attendance at the Plant Working Group side meeting you'll know exactly why I chose to use the word aftermath above. Those of you who weren't there might find this Science brief interesting reading. If like most mortals you don't have a password for Science, here's a quick summary: we botanical barcoders are a bunch of chickens sans heads. But we're a spirited bunch, and that counts for something.

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