24 October 2007

Simon Gurr responds

...to my open letter, saying exactly what I hoped he would say, and more!
I am pleased that the Darwin200 website is generating interest about the book Eugene and I are working on, especially when the interest comes from a source as knowledgeable as the HMS Beagle Project.
As Peter Mc would say, "Cor!"
I can reassure you that neither Eugene or I see Darwin as a stuffed shirt, if that was the case our job would be much more difficult. I hope I can allay your concerns regarding the cover image too. It was created some time ago as part of a proposal and will not be used on the finished book. Good luck with the project, Simon.
So, all's well that ends well ("well" in this case meaning a comic-strip version of Darwin that is not prematurely aged). Thanks, Simion, and good luck with the book.

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