22 October 2007

Ok, ok.

Just editing miles of film of my frock-coated performance of Friday to take out the admission that I burned down Cutty Sark*, the Sex Pistols reference that went over the audience's head by about two decades and my quote from Desolation Island (my favourite Patrick O'Brian novel) which ends in a pretty salty oath.

The evening was spectacular, dining in the great cabin of a genuine 1817 frigate, surrounded by people dressed as ships Captains, a Colonel of Marines and a carpenter of c. 1793. Everyone was genuinely interested in the Beagle Project and there were promises of support: these people are true enthusiasts for maritime heritage and keen, like many, to see a square rigger afloat and involving young people in sail training and science afloat. Many thanks for the invitation, gentlemen.

* Note for the Metropolitan Police: that was a joke.

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