1 October 2007

Check out our buoy - a lobsterman's got it...

Update: in response to comment by Kevin Z, some modifications (red) have been made to this post to improve its accuracy.

Kevin Z (of The Other 95%) and friends demonstrate their admiration of some seriously impressive plankton trawling cred in this video rework of Ice, Ice Baby ...just the kind of cred that might come in handy on the replica Beagle. Turns out Kevin Z's supervisor knows someone who knows Chris Manning, who is the one who made the video. Lyrics and more now available from this University of New Hampshire Coastal Ocean Observing Center webpage.

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Kevin Z said...

Sorry for any misconceptions, but my advisor is not Chris Manning and I am not with the University of New Hampshire. My advisor sent me (and the rest of our lab) the video, which was forwarded to him by a submersible pilot. I had no part in the film, though I will do my best to outdo it should I go on another cruise! (perhaps on the Beagle?)