26 October 2007


Update (28th October): By popular demand, the following have just been added to the shop: black and other dark-coloured tees for men and women ("Claudia" print only for now), a few more varieties of white and light-coloured tees for women and bumper stickers. Other suggestions? Leave a comment here or email nunatak.




tote bags!

organic tees!

Get your very own HMS Beagle Project gear and help us build the Beagle by shopping online here. Every purchase includes a $10 donation to help us build a sailing replica of the HMS Beagle, the ship that carried Darwin around the world, inspiring his theory of evolution by natural selection.

Here are a few things to remember as you shop:
  • Help build the Beagle and a better environment by checking out our 100% organic cotton tees.
  • Most of our tees have designs on both front and back, so be sure to click on each item to see both sides.
  • Yes, international orders are accepted!
  • Individual buttons include a $2 (rather than $10) donation.
  • ¡Proximamente, versiĆ³n en Espanol!


Michael Barton, FCD said...

I like the tote bags & mugs... I think a patch would be a neat piece of merchandise, for people to sew onto backpacks, computer bags, etc. As for the clothing, personally I am not one for white shirts... Is white the only color available for the apparel?

nunatak said...

Hi Michael, Thanks for these suggestions. I agree that a patch would be a choice item but unfortunately CafePress doesn't offer them as templates yet. About shirt colours, what colours would you like to see? For now, you find that some of the shirts are available in other colours - for example the men's long sleeve comes in "Ash Grey".

Michael Barton, FCD said...

Okay, I see now see the ash grey for some of the shirts... I think a navy blue with text or logo in yellow makes a nice combination... but I am not sure if Cafepress does yellow... Has anyone purchased anything yet?

Peter Mc said...

Things are 'flying off the shelves', according to Highly Places Sources in the Beagle Project.

nunatak said...

Flying off the shelves is right! We have made $214 in donations since the shop opened on Friday night. Keep 'em comin'!

coturnix said...

I got a "Blueprints" white t-shirt yesterday. Is that one feasible in other colors?


I'd be happy to put the image linking to your shop (your top right thingie) on my blog, but after struggling feebly with it for a bit, have decided I'm sufficiently dim to require a cut and paste code, if you'd like to make that available. Cheers!