12 September 2007

Project news...

First of all we had a good board meeting in Wales last week where we approved a few things:
1. We welcomed a new director aboard, Adrian Richardson who is Principal of the Cothill Educational Trust. His interest is in educational outreach, linking the work done aboard the Beagle to schools. Adrian, his expertise and enthusiasm are most welcome.
2. I've been told to ask you to design a t-shirt for us, of which more later.
3. Science: I'll leave to Nunatak to update you, when she has a moment.
4. We have an interesting and significant new partner coming alongside, whose involvement could open our exploring, scientific and climate change work into interesting new directions. David Lort-Phillips and I are off to London meet Nunatak, him and (Darwin's Megatherium - no that's not his megatherium of natural selection) tomorrow.


Sissy Willis said...

Peter: Re climate change, this looks interesting:

Challenge to Scientific Consensus on Global Warming: Analysis Finds Hundreds of Scientists Have Published Evidence Countering Man-Made Global Warming Fears

nunatak said...

Hi Sissy, I think you meant to direct this to me, not Peter. Thanks, will have a look. Karen ('nunatak', Peter's fellow beagle blogger)

Richard Carter said...

...megatherium of natural selection

It looks as if I have a worthy rival on the awful jokes front.

Puns at dawn.