13 September 2007

Goring creationist oxen

(reposted from 31 July)

It's good to be stroked every now and again, and this post from the Readers and Writers blog has left us purring. It says nothing about our shipbuilding but is very complimentary about the writing on the Beagle Project Blog:
And, as only the Brits can do, the blog is extremely well written. Now believers in creationism and intelligent design, take note: Our interest in the blog is its writing and history, but be warned that the Beagle bloggers do gore your oxen.

Much of the rest of the blog also is written with a sense of humour, but with a serious devotion to Darwin and the tall ship replica that will celebrate him and his groundbreaking science.

I hasten to point out that half the credit (and all the credit for the science) must go to fellow Beagle blogger Nunatak, who is from the USA (as is Stacey, who has yet to break her Beagleblogging duck).

Goring creationist oxen. We like that.

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