1 September 2007

Friends in hydrothermal places

Penn State marine biologist Kevin Zelnio over at The Other 95% has honoured little ol' us by listing us as one of five "new and interesting blogs" that he "regularly reads". The honour is heightened by his listing us alongside ScienceBloggers Deep Sea News and Zooillogix, that unflappable slayer of both HIV and creationism that is ERV (that's Endogenous Retrovirus to you), whose tag-line I vote the all-time best in blogdom ("If we're made in God's image, God's made of gag, pol, and env") and last but not least rock-flipping advocate Cephalopodcast (now with 20% more Kraken).

Sorry it took us so long to put you on our blogroll, Kevin. To make up for it you are cordially invited to join us for tea aboard the Beagle come the glorious day.

1 comment:

Kevin Z said...

I'm really just ponying up to you guys so I get a spot to do some research. I should be done with my PhD late 2008/early 2009.... Its there a Beagle Project Post-doc fellowship??

In actuality, I studied the history of Darwin while an undergrad at UC-Davis, this came a semester after I had the opportunity to go on a deep-sea research cruise. I read Desmond & Moore's darwin book on the expedition and never looked back! It would only like be my dream come true to ride on the beagle replica. I'd even wear 1800's garb the whole time and grow out my sideburns!