10 September 2007


is the neat little map widget down and right. It shows us where you come from and the good people at Clustrmaps have listed us on their User of the Month site, for which our prize is two years free up grade to their + service: thanks chaps! You will see an ever increasing number of blobs in South America : word appears to be spreading that we are planning to bring a replica Beagle back to the shores and ports visited by HMS Beagle, FitzRoy and Darwin. Charles Darwin had a terrific time in South America: most of the Voyage of the Beagle (chapters 1 to 16 out of 21) is devoted to his time on that great continent. The Galapagos finches get the credit, but the forests, fossil, flora, fauna, earthquakes, pampas, mountains and cordilleras of South America opened and prepared his mind. Without them he might have just looked at the finches like a clot, and thought they would be nice in a pie.

So go have a look at Clustrmaps and their User of the Month weblog. We like links. And we like South America: the enthusiasm of the approaches we are getting, the cheerful offers of cooperation are a lift to the spirits.

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