10 September 2007

The British Association for the Advancement of Science

Festival of Science opens in York today. Yorkshire welcomes scientists: we welcomed Charles Darwin in 1859. He lurked in Ilkley taking quack hydropathic treatment (what would Dawkins have said?) and posting first editions of The Origin of Species with self-deprecating covering letters.

Obviously we at the Beagle Project are in favour of the advancement of science: will anyone be blogging from the fair? If so, gimme your feed url and we'll post it here. Meanwhile, Festival news from the BA is here.

So: Britain's biggest science promotion event opens. How sad the BBC doesn't bother to mention it on its news or science pages. Britney's been on TV, that's more important - website front page news - than scientists in York assembled. This is not a cheap dig, it's indicative of what we're up against in trying to convince young people that science matters and is relevant. Another reason we need a replica HMS Beagle.

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