12 September 2007

A bit of archaic fun, and an eloquent lesson.

It's microbial week over at Deep Sea News and to help the week pass in flagellum tappin' style Kevin Z. (of the Other95, previously blogged about at this parish) has written and performs a song in honour of bacteria. It's good.

Kevin's current post The world inside a coconut contains a most wonderful description of why he fell in love with what he does. Kevin tells of doing scut work on a research boat and when the samples come up:
I also found my passion was sorting through rocks, sediment, snot, you name it and finding critters. I seemed to be very good at it as the Chief P.I. and other biologists seemed pretty please with my findings! Sorting is still something I take great pleasure in. I get all giggly when a box full of crap comes up from the seafloor, filled with various worms, gastropods, amphipods... its the "what new thing might I find if I keep looking?" that keeps my interests peaked.

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