10 August 2007

We get comments:

Sisu asks: where does the pic on the blog come from? It's from John Chancellor's painting 'Beagle off the Galapagos', in colour here on our home page. John's widow Rita gave us permission to use the image to help us build a replica of the ship that John researched so deeply to get this degree of accuracy and dynamism, and as I never tire of saying, we are hugely grateful. His son Gordon provides an introduction to the pic here. I took a sliver and turned it into moody black and white for our website and blog headers. Sisu, show Goomp the pics on Gordon's page and ask if he's ever seen a sea so well painted?

Kevin Z at The Other 95% (his latest post is not arachnophobe safe: you know who you are) comes back with a pleasant comment and a great idea for a project aboard:
I'd love to sail on it and do a study of critters living on floating debris around the world. When I was at sea in 2003 in the east-central Pacific we picked up a floating coconut that harboured a polychaete worm, 2 different species of amphipod, a crab, barnacle, clam, and a snail. Like a mini ecosystem. Your around the world trip could be a very interesting chance to do a nice biogeographical study of floating debris microhabitats!
Indeed. It must have been like a school disco in that coconut: would the crab ask the polychaete worm to dance first?

And best comment pun of the day goes to Richard Carter FCD for his comment on Nunatak's Metagenomics for species discovery on the Beagle: "I never meta genome I didn't like."


Michael Barton, FCD said...

Or someone could just go for a roadtrip to do a biogeographical study of terrestrial critters:


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