3 August 2007


First of all to Steinn at the eclectic blog The Dynamics of Cats and to Free Range Academy for wishing our blog move a fair wind.

And second to CJ and the team at Clustrmaps. We have a very spotty free Clustrmap at our old blog, and moving here we upgraded to the paid Clustrmaps+ service. Here's the the email from them in reply to mine asking if this new blog was covered by the paid service:
That blogspot one is indeed the one specified in your upgrade...but what the heck... I'm in a good mood, and you have a great project,
so I've upgraded both URLs

All the best,

-CJ on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team
CJ, many thanks: you and the team are welcome for tea and cake on the replica Beagle. We will even splice the mainbrace for you.

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Sissy Willis said...

Lookin' good, matey. May I inquire regarding the provenance of the photograph along the top of the new site? Your readers want to know.