12 August 2007

Students bodyswerve maths and science A levels

for easier subjects, according to this article in today's Observer. Quelle surprise.

What will best help Britain maintain competitiveness in the face a confident, productive China? A strong science and engineering sector fed by a stream of well-educated science and maths a-level students, that's what. Whatever governments have done for the last decade to encourage young people into science, it ain't working.

Reason six (or seven) why we need a replica HMS Beagle, sailing the world in Darwin's wake streaming good science and exciting exploration back to labs and classrooms.

Reasons here, here (stand back, I'm going to try science) and here. Probably a few more in archives, too.


Richard Carter, FCD said...

You should start categorising these posts with the keyword 'reasons', then you'll be able to click the 'reasons' link and see all of them. But it won't show stuff on the old blog.

Anonymous said...

uh. how does China "sell" science? I think the government should invest in kid shows that promote the scientific philosophy: critical analysis, honesty, skepticism, reasoning!

Peter Mc said...

Anonymous: here here. I'd like to see the BBC/ITV response to a pitch like that.