9 August 2007

The Other 95%

is a blog about invertebrates. It's good. The author has a cool name, shows us his tats, showcases his tunes for download "Spineless Songs - and swimming in at number one in the hit parade is Big Dead Squid" (A dirge, I hope, and no facetious mentions of calamari). He researches invertebrate communities around deep-sea hydrothermal vents for a living and when not doing that writes well and entertainingly on the subject of things without spines.

Science tattoos: Carl Zimmer from Scienceblog The Loom started this one running, asking has anyone got any sciency body art? Of course people have.

Come sailing with us on our replica Beagle and you'll be able get all sorts of impressive tattoos. An anchor if you do the Atlantic crossings, a swallow for every 5000 miles sailed, a full-rigged ship across your back if you sail around Cape Horn...sail with us and you'd earn your ink, not just buy it.



Let's see yours, McGrath!

Peter Mc said...

The co-author of this blog is untattoed, despite being entitled to a few swallows and an anchor.

Kevin Z said...

Thanks for highlighting my blog! I really love what you guys are doing with the Beagle Project and follow it enthusiastically. I'd love to sail on it and do a study of critters living on floating debris around the world. When I was at sea in 2003 in the east-central Pacific we picked up a floating coconut that harboured a polychaete worm, 2 different species of amphipod, a crab, barnacle, clam, and a snail. Like a mini ecosystem. Your around the world trip could be a very interesting chance to do a nice biogeographical study of floating debris microhabitats!