15 August 2007

The Navy offers the Beagle Project

full, amazing, support and cooperation. This is fantastic news:

I have just learned of “The HMS Beagle Project” and as Defence and Naval Attaché to the Embassy of Chile- it gives me great pleasure to offer you my assistance, support and co-operation on behalf of the Chilean Navy to help you make the necessary arrangement to do this.
Through the Naval Mission in London I could liaise with our HQ in Chile should you need to access Chilean waters, logistic support or/and security clearance.
Please get in touch with my office if there is anything I could do to take this matter forward.

Yours sincerely...

Should we need access to Chilean waters? Captain Romero, yes please. The original Beagle sailed Chilean waters between 1834 and 1835, and at Concepcion Darwin reported on the catastrophic earthquake of February 20th 1835. Darwin's travels in Chile are extensively covered in the Voyage of the Beagle in chapters 12 (central Chile), 13 (Chiloe and the Chronos Islands), 14 (Chiloe and Concepcion, including the earthquake), 15 (Passage of the Cordillera, one of Darwin's impressive shore expeditions) and 16 (Northern Chile and Peru).

So a huge thank you to Chilean Navy for their offer of support for the world voyage of the replica of HMS Beagle.


Jorge said...

Dear Peter,

Concerning your post I' ve just read in 'The Beagle Blog' ('15/08/07 The Navy offers the Beagle Project '), I think it contents unlucky and discourteus expresions in regard to a very kind and generous offer of Chilean authorities to support HMS Beagle replica activities in Chile. As you know well, the highlight track of both Magellan Strait, Beagle Channel, Cape Horn and the rest of Fueguian and Patagonian Channels, all of them correspond to Chilean waters (except a rather small section of Beagle Channel belonging to Argentina).

Sorry. I think you should apologyze. Noblesse obligue.

Kindest regards from Chile.

Jorge Mery

coturnix said...

Discorteus? This must be some cultural misunderstanding - I read it as elated thankfulness at its best.

TheBrummell said...

I agree with Coturnix, here. Jorge Mery, I think Peter used no sarcasm or intended any slight against Chile or its Navy.

This is a wonderful letter of support from Captain Romero and Chile, and I agree with Peter that it is a fine thing, indeed.

Thanks, Chile!

Question for all out there: earlier reports on this blog and its predecesor suggested that Argentina was quite proud of Darwin's visits there. Is Chile equally enthusiastic about things Darwin?