10 August 2007

Hello Pudgy Cusk Eel

I didn't know it existed either, but it does, it lives on the Mid Atlantic Ridge and has just made its blog debut on the ECOMAR blog.
ECOMAR is a £2 million UK project aimed at understanding how physical and biogeochemical factors influence the distributions and structure of deep-sea communities, focusing on the fauna of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 4 sites in different environmental settings. The four sites are located on either side of the MAR and to the north and south of the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone (CGFZ), which coincides with the Sub-Polar Front. Using these localities we will investigate the effects of topography and currents on the distribution of the fauna, and the effects of varying organic input in two different biogeochemical settings.
...and last night they had their trawls and cameras over the side and it's worth clicking over see what they found and make the pudgy cusk eel's acquiaintance.

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