9 August 2007

Great news!

A national maritime museum is building a replica HMS Beagle by way of celebrating Charles Darwin's bicentenary in 2009. Not a sailing replica, a static one that visitors that walk around and marvel at.

Great! That'll be in Britain, surely?
Britain where HMS Beagle was built, Britain in whose Royal Navy she served, Britain whose greatest scientist she carried round the world to scientific fame, Britain whose meteorological office her Captain established, Britain whose King she greeted in the coronation fleet review in 1820, Britain who furnished her crew which sailed her round the globe through four oceans, storms and revolution? Britain that great island, maritime, seafaring nation, proud of it's great sailors, explorers and scientists?

No, it's not Britain. It's not even an English speaking country.

For shame, Britain.

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Michael Barton, FCD said...

So, which country is it?