29 July 2007

The Beagle Project Blog

will shortly be migrating here from its current home. The HMS Beagle Project aims to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth by launching a sailing replica of HMS Beagle. Darwin sailed round the world on Beagle between 1831 and 1836, and during this voyage he gathered much of the evidence which gave rise to his theory of evolution.

The replica HMS Beagle will participate in the 2009 celebrations, then sail round the world in Darwin's wake. She will have an international crew of scientists, science communicators, students, film crew, sail training cadets and artists. They will conduct original research in Darwin's footsteps using the modern tools available to scientists. They will develop educational material to support teachers in labs and classrooms in their work teaching and developing the next generation of scientists, and make it freely available through satellite communications from the ship interactive websites.

We will run long-term science projects: marine environmental metagenomics and DNA barcoding, along with researcher led project appropriate to the oceans in which we sail and and landfalls we make.

In port we will open the Beagle to local people and especially to young people: the Beagle will host exhibits on Darwin's life, on evolution and of the importance of science to society, will be available to teachers for continuing professional development work.

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Richard Carter, FCD said...

Thanks for the link... And for the links to numerous other sites I wasn't previously aware of. Think I'll be exploring some new sites at the weekend.